Access these helpful K-12 tools to ensure that your school complies with several nutrition standards and guidelines.

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Satisfy students and USDA requirements with whole grain-rich products from Kellogg's®. Explore all of the products, promotions and tools available to delight and nourish your students today and every school day.

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Keebler® Despicable Me Franchise Graham Snacks Honey

Keebler® Despicable Me Franchise Graham Snacks Honey

These bite-size, movie character-shaped snacks combine the Uncommonly Good® taste of Keebler® with the popularity of the Despicable Me franchise and the premiere of Despicable Me 3 in June 2017. Capitalize on this despicably delicious and mischievously fun innovation to increase your tray line and a la carte sales.

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Cheez-It Recipe Contest Winners

Cheez-It® Recipe Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Cheez-It® Champions! View these winning recipes and learn how Cheez-It® Made with Whole Grain Bulk Case crackers can help you create a winning menu for your school.

2017-2018 Bid Mailer

2017-2018 Bid Specification Guide

Nourishing Foods That Will Make Them Smile

Bid season is here and now is a good time to partner with Kellogg's® to help you build participation with an array of USDA compliant foods that your students love.

Download items from our K-12 Bid Specs Mailer to see what’s new for the 2017-2018 school year including an expanded portfolio of all-day favorites that deliver great-taste and whole grain-rich goodness. Contact your Kellogg's® sales representative today to place your bid!

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It’s Veggie-Licious

It’s Veggie-Licious

Give your students the plant-based protein options they know and want! Kellogg is the category share leader with Morningstar Farms® and Gardenburger® brands1 that represent 60% of all veggie foods served in schools2. With Gen Z students’ preference for great-tasting food and socially responsibility brands3, Kellogg’s® delicious and sustainable veggie products are perfect for nutrient standard menus and à la carte.

1. The NPD Group/SupplyTrack®, 12 months ending February 2016
2. The NPD Group/SupplyTrack®, 12 months ending October 2016, K-12 only
3. 2015 Technomic, Gen Z: Decoding the Behaviors of the Next Generation

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Quarter More™ Program

Quarter More™ Program

Rice Krispies Treats® Mini Squares made with Whole Grain is a creamy and crispy marshmallow kid favorite. And when kids pay just a quarter more, they will be able to enjoy this sweet USDA-compliant treat.

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Happy Birthday Program

Happy Birthday Program

Build excitement around your menu and your cafeteria with a whole grain dessert that offers 1oz equivalent of grain and meets 1 of 2 allowable reimbursable grain-based desserts at lunch. Simply menu Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® made with Whole Grain and you’ll qualify to receive our birthday party kit.

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Whole Grain-Rich and
Grain Crediting Explained

Are you confused about whole grain-rich and grain crediting? No worries. David Grotto, registered dietitian and Senior Nutrition Business Partner is here to explain what Whole Grain-Rich means and how to do the math to meet the standards for reimbursable meals.

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Celebrate Freedom

Everyone enjoys the freedom of choice. And now you have the freedom to choose more Kellogg's ready-to-eat cereals that are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

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